Improving the Signal

Twitter is full of meme’s such as #musicmonday and #followfriday where people will throw out a list of music that you should add to your iPod or people you should start following. All too often these recommendations are made without any context leaving it up to you to do your homework and see if the recommendation is something valuable to you. Having a list after list of people come across TweetDeck from your followers with not context is not helping the signal. It is more bot-like and less personal.

I have recently decided to take it upon myself to make better use of the 140 characters that I am given. I have started to individually recommend people that I am following and give my followers something about that person, company, or organization that would help them decide whether or not it is worth heeding my recommendation.

For example:

#followfriday @ellohay – Enabling those without access to technology the chance to have it at their fingertips.

It takes a little more thought every Friday morning to craft my list of #followfriday recommendations. But getting into the habit of putting a little more thought in your tweets isn’t such a bad thing.

What are you doing to help increase the signal in your social networking interactions?

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  1. Rob,
    Completely agree! I think making use of the 140 is a good way to put it. After all, we are trying to help each other with this #ff stuff, right?
    I am testing MrTweet for my #ff mentions to see if it is a good solution. At least it is noise with some substance? I have thought about Listorious as another alternative?
    Great post!
    Kind Regards,

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