Who Pushed Me to the Edge…

What did it take for me to finally get serious about blogging?

After all, I have read plenty of blogs over the last few years about how blogging will expand the geographic reach of my network, how it is necessary for a good career, and a beginners guide to blogging my personal brand. I even experimented with a blog at WordPress.com which is a great way to get your feet wet blogging with no out of pocket expense for domain registration or hosting fees. I had written a handful of blog entries on my blog at WordPress.com but I never got the initiative to get serious about blogging or about my personal brand until recently.

It was a connection on Twitter that is pushing me to find my creative edge and to get serious about taking my personal brand serious. Shortly after signing up for Twitter I started following Brent Ozar. Brent is a SQL Server guru that is actively involved in the community.

A while back he put together a short blog series on setting up a tech blog. Including were many useful tips on not only getting WordPress going but what plug-ins to use to get up an running quickly. He also included how to get Feedburner and Google Analytics going and why you should. This four post series virtually flattened the learning curve for setting up a WordPress blog.

Where do we go from here?

From here on out the focus of this blog is to give back the the community and manage my online brand. I have been blogging for Baseline Consulting periodically since the beginning of the year and felt the time was right to establish another avenue to share my various tech related passions. Hopefully this will be a fulfilling experience for everyone involved.