Data Quality Mad Libs

Mad Lib

Jim Harris has started a Data Quality Mad Lib series over at OCDQ Blog. I decided instead of leaving my version of the Mad Lib in his comment section to share it with everyone here.

In case you have forgotten how a Mad Lib works, it is a short story or phrase with several key words or phrases missing. Often you are asked to provide the missing items ahead of time before you see the phrase or short story. This increases the chances that the result is purely random and often amusing to read.

For Jim’s Mad Lib he asked for the following to be provided by his readers:

  • an adjective – unflattering
  • a noun – a data warehouse
  • a verb – propogates
  • a noun or phrase – multiple versions of the truth
  • a phrase – ineffectively managing the master data produced by

A Data Quality Mad Lib

“The most

_______________ (adjective)

thing about

_______________ (noun or phrase)

is that it

_______________ (verb)


_______________ (noun or phrase)

by essentially

_______________ (phrase)

your enterprise systems.”

My Data Quality Mad Lib

The unflattering thing about a data warehouse is that it propogates your multiple versions of the truth by essentially ineffectively managing the master data produced by your enterprise systems.

Share Your Version

If you would like to share your version of a Data Quality Mad Lib please do so either by leaving a comment on  Jim’s OCDQ Blog or blog about it while providing a trackback to Jim’s original blog post.