Earth Hour 2010

You probably have noticed the small banner across the top of my site recently. I have decided as part of Earth Hour 2010  – March 27, 2010 at 8:30PM EST – that my website will go dark during Earth Hour. On Earth Hour millions of people across the world join together in solidarity for climate change in one simple act, turning of their lights. This simple act shows that we can join together and have a positive impact on the climate.

Ironically, LCD monitors may require more power to generate a black pixel vs a white pixel. A comparison of 27 LCD monitors was done and confirmed that in most instance a small increase in wattage was required to display Blackle vs Google. You can find more information about the comparison performed by Darren Yates.

If you would like to support Earth Hour on your WordPress blog you can get more information about the Earth Hour plugin at Brave New Code. For more information about Earth Hour and how you can show your support in your community you can check out

Regardless of your personal opinion about global warming, it can not be argued that we can be better stewards of our natural resources and the impact we have on our planet. There are plenty of things within our ability to leave this planet a better place for generations to come.