Let the Data Geeks Play

Recently there have been several music parodies posted by members of the MDM, Data Quality, and Data Governance community. These parodies have used songs from Rush, Styx, and George Thorogood as their muse. Jim Harris and I discussed the idea of holding a contest where members of the community could submit their own parody.

What’s in it for you?

Bragging rights! (That is until the next challenge…) Sure there is always the chance your YouTube video goes viral. (You were going to submit a YouTube video, right?)


We don’t need no stinkin’ rules… Just a few suggested guidelines is all we have to offer:

  • Your song can be original or may parody an existing song.
  • Your song has to be related to MDM, Data Governance, or Data Quality.
  • You may submit your song via a comment to this post or as a post on your own blog. If you post it on your own blog you must link back to this post or risk not being included in the vote.
  • Video or audio submissions are permitted but not required.

Celebrity Panel of Judges?

Due to prior engagements and personality conflicts we were unable to arrange for Simon Cowell, Ellen Degeneres, or Howard Stern to participate in the judging of the best song. So instead we are going to let you, the community, be the judge of contest. In a subsequent post we will provide a list to all of the submissions and a poll to allow you to vote.


I wanted to first thank everyone who took the time to the participate. Below is a list the submissions that can be voted on in the poll found below.


[poll id=”2″]

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  1. This song reminds me of another song that I very much liked , I can’t really remember which one is it :-\ does someone know what artist I am talking about?

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